latest email I have sent to my parents re: coming out as bisexual and my dad not being ok with it below the cut

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why did i learn about photosynthesis b4 i learned about privilege and oppression

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katgezicht is a menace and tagged me in the six selfie thing. I usually just take selfies to document makeup I’ve done that I like or w/e so they’re not too great. BUT I LOVE KAT SO I’LL COMPLY

I can’t think of too many ppl to tag, maybe wheeliewifee gli-tor-is rainbowrosepetals powderspice ??



Someone is finally carrying Dita Von Teese Lingerie’s full size range!

Check it out at Bare Necessities.

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Karen Gillan - Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere - July 21st 2014 .

Karen Gillan - Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere - July 21st 2014 .

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Spice Boys | Fucking Young magazine

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Heart lingerie at Topshop, July 2014 (Front and Back views because it’s so cute!!) (x, x)

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Anonymous said: So is it okay for a woman (trans or cis) to enjoy bondage? Or anything under the bdsm umbrella? I'm so confused and I don't want to promote abusive behavior. Btw I am not a "male feminist" hahahah. Just a curious girl :/


so here’s what’s up

i’m not really here to tell you what to do and what not to do. you should do what feels right for you.

that being said, the bdsm community represents a field where sexual/violence (particularly against women) is fetishized and normalized. theoretically, as in on paper, this could be a non-issue—if it’s between two consenting adults, they understand the implications, etc etc—BUT would you look at that? the theory doesn’t hold up. kinksters love to bombard people with elaborate descriptions of their kink, make them unwitting participants (you only have to throw a rock to find a, “my Daddy LOVES blah blah blah” note reblogged on an otherwise innocuous post for example), and really, REALLY hate it when anyone criticizes a world where violence against women sexy and fun. 

the bdsm community loves to protect abusers, loves to pretend that anyone who claims abuse isn’t “doing it right,” basically loves to be giant shitholes about anything that isn’t their specific fantasy and FRANKLY i have a difficult time imagining that getting off on massive power imbalances doesn’t fuck up your interpersonal skills on a general level, you see what i’m saying? 

just in case anyone wants to roll up in here all mad that i’m not “in” kink and i’m against it, fuck off. behaviors like this being normalized and dispersed in the general population is dangerous for women bc it digs a big fucking hole in an already unlevel playing field, there’s a incredibly popular post that circulates about how to do “safe” breath play when, guess what? there is no such thing, no matter how many cute cartoons of a woman getting choked you draw. when you answer crisis calls for domestic violence you have a checklist of like, ten or fifteen behaviors that are SUCH HUGE RED FLAGS that statistically they represent men who will kill their partners, and strangulation is number one. 

so, the way i see it, “is it okay to enjoy this” isn’t even really a conversation we’re ready to have, because whenever someone tries to say, “this person assaulted me” or voice their concerns over cutesy cartoons that depict literally lethal behavior they’re shut down by a cavalcade of shitty, abusive comments where supposedly safe, “feminist” men call them ignorant, childish, all manner of slurs, unloveable, &c &c forever

but, if as a woman you enjoy bondage or whatever, i have two points of advice which are 1) take the time to consider why you want to/find domination erotic, question how this affects/is affected by relationships with men in your life and 2) keep yourself safe and cover your ass any way you know how because these dudes will fucking turn on you

I was all ready to say “the self-proclaimed sex positive community doesn’t allow any safe spaces for victims of a use or assault” but that was basically already said here

it is very very true though


International model, Andrej Pejic, announced via Entertainment Tonight and People magazine that she underwent sex reassignment surgery earlier this year. Now a trans woman, Pejic will go by the name Andreja.

After keeping transition secret for the past few months, Pejic wanted to come out publicly and be honest with the public. 

"I want to share my story with the world because I think I have a social responsibility," the 22-year-old told People. “I hope that by being open about this, it becomes less of an issue.”

Pejic rose to fame thanks to her androgynous appeal and ability to model female fashion almost seamlessly. She earned international acclaim in 2011 after walking in both men and women’s fashion shows for Jean Paul-Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week. Pejic followed the runway walks with stunning covers on Dossier JournalOut magazine and even landed on FHM’s annual 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

The gender-bending model work perplexed some but fascinated most — always leading to the question about her identity.

"For me it’s always been important to show it doesn’t matter what gender you are," Pejic told Out earlier this year. “It doesn’t define who you are. “

But despite all of her success as a male model, Pejic knew deep down that she was a woman. “I always dreamt of being a girl. One of my earliest memories is spinning around in my mom’s skirt trying to look like a ballerina.” In the same conversation with People, the model admits she has known her true gender since the age of 13. 

In a message on Facebook, Pejic thanked her fans for their support and understanding. ”I think we all evolve as we get older and that’s normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex,” she wrote.

Pejic also reached out to the youth community who might be questioning their identity with a message of hope: 

"I would also like to to reach out to all young gender non-conforming youth out there: I know it’s hard, I’ve been there, but remember it’s your right to be accepted as what you identify with — you deserve the same respect as any other human being on this planet."

With her story out, Pejic can focus on her work as a model and budding actor. Following an appearance in David Bowie’s music video for “The Stars Are Out Tonight,” the model was cast in her first film role as one of Ariel’s sisters in Sofia Coppola’s adaptation of the Disney classic. 

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